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play a beautiful fusion of South and North Indian classical styles incorporating South Indian Carnatic flute and North Indian Tabla drums

This music is inspired by a selection of ancient Ragams from South India. A Ragam displays its own beautiful and enchanting mood and creates an atmosphere based on its own melodic framework. You can hear examples of a few of these with the SoundCloud players opposite.

Most of the music is light and playful but we can spice up the repertoire with a range of melodic moods and tempo as you see fit for the occasion. We can also add North Indian ragas to the set - the Raga Yaman being a favourite. We can adjust the set to match the mood of your event. For example, we can work as background to a ceremony or as a central performance after a meal.

Akash have enjoyed playing as a duo since 2011 at a variety of events and concerts and they are based in Brighton, East Sussex.

Drop us an email with the link below to get a quote. Please mention your date and whether or not you would like amplification. Cost can include a small PA system in cases where amplification is appropriate.

Contact akash@tablalab.com for more information.

Akash playing a piece called Akilande Sware (YouTube)


For more information please email akash@tablalab.com


We take bookings for weddings, festivals, ceremonies or any special events.

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Videos & Testimonials


Akash playing at St.Luke's Church, Brighton. (YouTube)

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