MARC CLAYTON, Brighton (UK) 07932 234100
Music Composition & Production,
Sound design, Sound effects.

Previous work:
Artist Recording & Production for:

Tanya Wells (UK), Junkerry / Axelle Decaumia (France)

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Tru Thoughts Recordings : Mangataot EP Release with Martha Tilston (UK)

Affordable bespoke composition for  TV, movie soundtracks, short films, documentaries and advertisements.


Recently (March 2017):

Lakuta – Fear Go Running – Mangataot Dub Tabla Remix

A three minute preview of various work:

Listen to previous work examples


Marc Clayton is a musician, composer and producer based in Brighton and Hove, Sussex. For some years he went by the moniker of ‘Mangataot‘ for the well respected and hugely successful independent record label Tru Thoughts. Marc originally saw music creation from the perspective of a bass player as that was his first instrument. Indian tabla has now become his passion and instrument of choice and he has already spent 15 years studying this unique form of percussion. Even though the subject is enormous, he highly values the small wisdom he has acquired from the Indian rhythm system. It has definitely brought a fresh new perspective to Marc’s composition standpoint.

Marc’s production music catalogue often gets licenced for media including BBC outlets, Virgin airlines and Channel 4.  There is a selection of composition examples on the ‘Example Production Music‘ page here displaying a variety of styles.

Marc has worked as an animator for TV (Several cartoons for Nickelodeon), a 3d modeller for the computer games industry and a Flash designer for internet and e-learning applications and has developed an awareness of the relationship between screen and sound through these various media.

All work will be considered – please get in touch.

Using: Apple Logic 10, Native Instruments Komplete 11 Ultimate, Arturia V Collection, Apogee hardware, RHODE, Sennheiser and AKG microphones.


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