Small to medium scale websites

“I have been designing and building small scale websites for 15 years, moving with the changing trends to meet the latest technologies.

Whether you want a handcrafted bespoke website or a CMS (content management system) driven solution which will allow you to make your own edits and updates, you’ll find my quote competitive and my service simple and down to earth. A new website built from your idea can cost as little as £200. As you add more complex functionality the cost will rise acccordingly but I will provide you with the options from the start so you can set your budget accordingly. Extras can always be added later at any stage and we can review your needs at any time.

I was a big fan of Flash and pushed that medium to its limits in every way I could think of. I created all sorts of music toys, educational apps and e-Learning content with Flash and I am sad to see it relegated to web history. It is still being used but the corporate big boys keep frowning on Flash use and so I move over to the less sophisticated but more trendy methods of achieving similar results.

Today it is all about having a ‘responsive’ design. This will ensure that your site looks good and delivers the right format no matter what device your end user happens to be using.

If you need your site hosted I can provide this too for a minimal annual fee. I will cover design and hosting in your quote. All you need to do is buy your domain name. I recommend for that.

Graphic design, animation and video production are also areas where I can add extra shine to your web presence. Please call to discuss the options.”

A recent example of work is the Make Believe Ideas Cafe website which was made using a CMS so that the cafe staff can easily change certain content.

Cafe Make Believe website
Cafe Make Believe website

Cafe Make Believe website

Rachel Fryer commissioned me to create this website using the WordPress CMS.

This site represents her as a classical musician so it employs a music player to present various choices of her repertoire.

Rachel Fryer website
Rachel Fryer website

Rachel Fryer website

Rachel Fryer was so happy with the site I built her that she recommended me to a friend who also needed a musician’s website. Also in WordPress, this one had a colour scheme and initial design provided. The result was simple and clean as you can see below.

Rachel Smith flute
Rachel Smith Flute

Rachel Smith website