Recent Projects

Rampion Offshore Wind Farm

Explainer Project – Test Render

A Showreel

A compendium of various animation work


An animation of a poem about a conker.

Conker from Marc Clayton on Vimeo.


A Unity storybook app about a hedgehog. This project is in collaboration with an illustrator and a children’s story writer.

Animations, Interactives & Banners

Motion Graphics for DMC, Amsterdam

Working onsite for DMC in Amsterdam for 5 months creating channel ident dynamic graphics (IPPs, Menus, etc) for a number of TV channels such as History, AMC, FOX, Shorts, Film1 and Sundance whilst they migrated their entire operation location-wise and software-wise. The migration was on time and their clients were happy with the switch over to the new dynamic graphics templates I created for the Pebble Beach software which DMC had adopted. I have on going work with DMC working remotely.

Graphic Designer / User Interface Design / UX prototyping for Me Learning Ltd, Shoreham

2016 – 2017
A role designing the interfaces for various new products under development by Me Learning Ltd, Shoreham. Some of these products had an enormous level of detail and involved designing with a viewpoint of super admin, admin and learner level. The main work was creating the new face for an existing LMS which was getting a fresh make over and an arsenal of extended functionality. Other work involved prototyping the UI for a new authoring tool. Prototyped UIs were made in Adobe XD and Flash / Animate and both worked well, with the more complex UI elements working better in the latter.

The image below was a rough screen design used for trying out colour scheme combinations.

Animations, Interactives & Banners

Animations, Interactives & Banners

Animations, Interactives & Banners

Cinemagraph web banners for MTG World
Animated Music Video for Akash

Akash Lady L (Shakti cover) from Marc Clayton on Vimeo.


An 8 month contract for Volume Global involved creating interactives using the Adobe Edge Animate tool so that the content could work across almost all platforms, mobile and desktop.

Virgin Media Business