Spooky Electric supplies digital services for image and sound and is based in Hove, East Sussex.

Marc Clayton is the director and techno-spod providing these services and he can supply them as a sole trader or through Spooky Electric.

Marc Clayton

Marc has been a freelancer in design and development since 2003. As a qualified software engineer (BEng 1994), Marc has developed in AS2, AS3 and AIR since 2005. Recently the work is shifting into Javascript, CSS and HTML5.

Since embarking on the path of a Flash professional in 2000, he has worked as a designer and animator for about five of those years.

He has enjoyed regular work on a range of projects for Charanga (a music education specialist) over the past three years.

Marc has worked with many Brighton based E-Learning companies including Volume Global, Epic, Worth, FutureMedia/Ed-Vantage and Brightwave. He also worked for Bellman Media, V-Group, Kanoti, Robot Design and Babel Media. Outside of Brighton, Marc enjoyed about a year working for The Guardian partly on site and partly from India.

Some of his animation work is still broadcast on the Nick Jr channel (a Nickelodeon channel for younger children.)

Marc is also a musician, music producer and sound designer. His audio work is showcased at mecaudio.co.uk.
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